Welcome to our FAQ Page, where we hope to answer any questions you may have.
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How do I wash it??
CARE / WASHING: Although hand washing is ideal, all of our cushions are washable & dryer safe. We recommend spot washing between deep washes. 
*For mini knots cushions, they can be added to your regular wash and dryer cycles.
*For braided cushions: Washing machine should not have an agitator. Wash on cold on its own, delicate cycle with a wash bag. Dry on low/medium heat or lay in the sun to dry if possible.  
What is it made of?
We source all of our material locally, within Canada. This means higher quality standards! 
Labels: Vegan Suede Leather
Fabric: Raft-Bamboo Fleece; Everything Else: Bamboo French Terry
Filling: Hypoallergenic Hollowfiber Fill... The stuff your pillows are made of :)
Where are you located?
All of our products are handmade by us, in our studio, in Vancouver, BC Canada
* local pick-up is available.