New Studio Office & DIY: Wall Art

After many late nights working on the renovations of our new fixer-upper, the Studio is finally finished! Having a space - not only to work - but to CREATE, is very important to us.

(Check below to see a DIY for my wall art!)


What you'll need: black painter's tape, scissors, ruler, small ladder.


1. Cut strips of the tape at equal lengths. I cut mine: 5" each

2. Apply the strips, evenly spaced, at different angles. 

3. Cut the strips into smaller bits to place along the ceiling, floor, window frames, etc. These pieces are crucial for the wall to look complete!

The best part: the sprinkles are removable without marking the wall! 

Try it out & share with us on Instagram@malia_mu. I'd LOVE to see it :) 

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